country line dance

This page is where you will find the Dances Larry B has taught or currently teaching at Murph’s Country Barn
Please come back often to check up on current list.
The Dances will be listed by name of Dance and Choreographer.
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March 2014

We Like It Loud (Suzanne Wilson)
Ride Em’ Cowboy (Kathy Gurdjian)
Rockin’ The Wagon Wheel (Jamie Marshall)
Easy Cha Cha (Chatti The Valley)
Drive by Baby (John Robinson)
Eye Candy (Gerard Murphy)
Simply Counting Stars (John Robinson)
There Ya Go (Lesley Bennetto)

April 2014

Goodbye Monday ( Rob Fowler)
Cross Country Slide (Ira Weisburd)
Your Honey Bee (Karolina Ullenstav, Katarina Pahmp)
Don’t Think Twice(Kathryn Sloan)
Quarter After One ( Levi J. Hubbard)

May 2014

Lonesome Hobo Willie (Karen Kennedy)
It’s Easy(Rob Rosenkrans)
Everybody’s Here(Ben Heggy)
Cowboy Cha Cha(Unknown)
Down to the Islands(Jennifer Hughes)

June 2014

Cut-A-Rug(Jo Thompson and Rita Thompson)
Stroll Along Cha Cha(Rodeo Cowboys)
Cowboy Boogie(Jenny Burkhardt)
Dance To Dance(Gwen Walker)

July 2014

Hold On to(Rosie Multari)
American Kids(Gloria Stone)
Them Kisses(June Shuman)

August 2014

Shake That Bass(Felicia Harris Jones)
Bayou Bay Boogie(Max Perry)
Badonkadonk (Pepper Siguieros)
Fun For All (Sue Ann Ehmann)
Cowboy Charleston(Unknown)
Cowboys and Angels (Chrystel Durand)
Barbed Wire And Roses(Peter O’Shea)

September 2014

American Saturday Night(Madeleine Jones)
Hard Working People(Donna Manning)
Coal Miner’s Daughter(Donna Andrew)
Hot Kisses(Donna Manning)

October 2014

Bulfrog On A Log(Cef Decaney)
Who’s Been Sleepin In My Bed(Linda Pink)
Deep Rolling(Marie Serensen)
Like An Oasis(Roz Chaplin)

November 2014

Neon Light(Jill Weiss)
I’ll Take You Back(Helen Born & Nita Lindley)
Lips(Jill Weiss)

December 2014

Dance to Dance-Gwen Walker
River Bank-Lynn Card
Simply Counting Stars-Stephen Gell
The Outlaw-Suzanne Wilson