This page is where you will find the Dances Larry B has taught or currently teaching at Murph’s Country Barn and APSU

Please come back often to check up on current list.

The Dances will be listed by name of Dance and Choreographer.

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January 2017

Lucky Lucky Country (Alison Johnstone)
LLH Shuffle (Roger Ingmire)
Not So Tough (Linda Scott)
H³ (aka Hard, Hat And A Hammer) (Robert Hahn)

February 2017

I need a Man (June Shuman)
Super Easy (EWS Winson & Peggy Lwi)
Kansas City (Shirley Blankenship)

March 2017

Dirty Boots (Kimberly F Gautney)
bad about to happen(the B.A.T.H dance) Dan Albro
Love me in a field (Rob Holley)

April 2017

Kill the Spider (Gaye Teather)

Deep South (Pauline Bell)

May 2017

Chill Factor (Daniel Whittaker & Hayley Westhead)

Country Girl Stomp (Rob Holley & Eric Mosley)

June 2017

Cowboy For A Night(Alison Johnston, David Hoyn, Ira Weisburd, Pedro Machado)

July 2017

Party In Slow Motion(Carol Cotherman)


Black Betty’sWorldwide(June Shuman)