Welcome to the 2018 Dances taught at
Murph’s Country Music Barn, Burdoc Dancers and L&L LineDanceConnection.


Them Kisses (June Shuman)
Hide the Wine (Michele Burton & Michael Barr)
Love Me In The Field (Peter Davenport)


Havana Cha (Ria Vos)
I’m One Of Those (Daniel Trepat & Jose Migual Belloque Vane)
What Makes You Country (Rob Holley)


Everything’s Gonna Be Alright (Gwen Walker, Jeff Huffman & Sandi VanVliet)
Goin’ Hamm (Trevor Thorton)
Mud Stompin’ (Pat Esper)
Hey Babe You Broke Up With Me(Conrad Farnham)
Oh What A Night(Carl Sullivan)