Welcome to the 2018 Dances taught at
Murph’s Country Music Barn, Burdoc Dancers and L&L LineDanceConnection.


Them Kisses (June Shuman)
Hide the Wine (Michele Burton & Michael Barr)
Love Me In The Field (Peter Davenport)


Havana Cha (Ria Vos)
I’m One Of Those (Daniel Trepat & Jose Migual Belloque Vane)
What Makes You Country (Rob Holley)


Everything’s Gonna Be Alright (Gwen Walker, Jeff Huffman & Sandi VanVliet)
Goin’ Hamm (Trevor Thorton)
Mud Stompin’ (Pat Esper)
Hey Babe You Broke Up With Me(Conrad Farnham)
Oh What A Night(Carl Sullivan)


Born to Love (Rob Holley)
Down in the Islands (Gail Smith)
Shore Thing (Eddie Huffman)
Boots Over Head (Stephen Pistoia)


Stomp Like Hell (Pat Esper)
Holy CowGirl (Nancy Rosera)
Ace in the Hole (Kevin Formosa)
Jarod’s Stomp (Dan Morrison)
Make Way For Me (Conrad Famham)
Simplemente (Kate Sala)


Like a Fine Wine (Jef Camps & Sebastien Bonnier)
Time to Retox (Pat Esper)
Smooth Like The Summer(Lynn Card)
Simple As Can Be(Julie Wetzel)
Get Ya Some(Dee Blansett & Rob Holley)
La Cienega BLVD(World On Fire)(Stacy Rugguero & Brandon Zahorsky)


It’s Texas Time(Jeanne Chamas)
I Got This(Felcia Harris Jones)
One Call Away(Christopher Petre)
No Excuses(Juliea Wetzel)
Drinkin’ Bone Boogie(Ellen Kieman)
Damn!!!(Rob Fowler)


Groovy Love(Fred Whitehouse, Daniel Trepat, Jonas Dahlgren)
Life Changes(Heather Barton & Suzi Beau)
Fully Clothed(Scott Blevins and Betsy Courant)
I’m On a Roll(Rob Holley)


One of Those(Hana Ries)
Play That Sax(Micheal Metzger)
Night Shift(Lynn Card)
Hide The Wine(Michele Burton & Michael Barr)


Happy Ever After Love by Dennis Locorrier

Desperate Man by Stephen Pistoia


Love Flow by Niels Poulsen

90’s Country by Deb Peterson

Get It Right by Maddison Glover

Change My Ways by Judy Rogers


Homesick Heart(Maddison Glover)

Something in the Water(Neils Poulsen)