Welcome to the 2019 Dances!

These are the dances that have been taught at
Murph’s Country Music Barn, Burdoc Dancers and L&L LineDanceConnection.

For Dance Step sheets please go to

http://kickit.to/ld/Search.html or http://www.copperknob.co.uk/default.aspx


 Take It From Me(Lynn Card & Rob Holley)
Walk in a honky tonk(Roberto Bresciani)
We Love It(Rhoda Lai)
One of Those(Hana Ries)


Knockin Boots (Hana Ries)

Get A Little Nervous EZ (Gwen Walker)

Get It Right (Maddison Glover)

Take It From Me (Lynn Card & Rob Holley)

Cherry Bomb(Rob Fowler)

Eyes On You (Jose Miguel Belloque Vane, Daniel Trepat & Sebastiaan Holland)

Smack Dab(Michael Diven)

Bring It (Hanna Ries)

Who’s Up All Night(Brandon Zahorsky)

Graffiti(Karl-Harry Winson)

Break It to Me (Rob Holley)

God’s Gift(Mark Paulino & Larry Pizzini Jr)

24 Reasons(Jill Babinec & Debi Pancoast)

High Horse Line Dance (Jamie Orr)