Welcome to the 2019 Dances!

These are the dances that have been taught at
Murph’s Country Music Barn, Burdoc Dancers and L&L LineDanceConnection.

For Dance Step sheets please go to

http://kickit.to/ld/Search.html or http://www.copperknob.co.uk/default.aspx


  •  Take It From Me(Lynn Card & Rob Holley)
  • Walk in a honky tonk(Roberto Bresciani)
  • We Love It(Rhoda Lai)
  • One of Those(Hana Ries)


  • Knockin Boots (Hana Ries)
  • Get A Little Nervous EZ (Gwen Walker)
  • Get It Right (Maddison Glover)
  • Take It From Me (Lynn Card & Rob Holley)
  • Cherry Bomb(Rob Fowler)
  • Eyes On You (Jose Miguel Belloque Vane, Daniel Trepat & Sebastiaan Holland)
  • Smack Dab(Michael Diven)
  • Bring It (Hanna Ries)
  • Who’s Up All Night(Brandon Zahorsky)
  • Graffiti(Karl-Harry Winson)
  • Break It to Me (Rob Holley)
  • God’s Gift(Mark Paulino & Larry Pizzini Jr)
  • 24 Reasons(Jill Babinec & Debi Pancoast)
  • High Horse Line Dance (Jamie Orr)


  • Eyes on You (Jose Miguel Belloque Vane, Daniel Trepat & Sebastiaan Holtland)
  • The Last One Standing(Conrad Farnham)
  • Made You Miss(Michelle Rinsley)
  • VHS(Rob Holley & Lynne Martino)
  • Get Drunk Get Loud(Rob Holley)
  • Strait to the Bar(Dan Albro)
  • I’m Your Man(Pim van Grootel, Jose Miquel Belloque Vane & Jonas Gahlgren)
  • Love Junk EZ (Bill Larson)
  • I’m Gonna Take My Horse(Step5678)
  • Honky Tonk Boots(Lisa M Johns-Grose)
  • One that Got Away(Step5678)


  • Blake’s Big Buzz (Haley Goy)
  • Country Bump(Darren Bailey)
  • Carol’s Senorita(Carol Heron)
  • 5:15 (Fred Whitehouse)
  • Drunk On A Plane(Lyndy & Dan Albro)
  • Beachin'(Carrie Bauer)
  • There Was This Girl(Jason Messer Aka Pirate Cowboy)
  • Crackin’ Cold Ones(Pam Wingo)
  • Keep It Simple(Maggie Gallagher)


  • Got Me Rollin'(Rob Holley & Larry Bass)
  • Soul Shake(Fred Whitehouse)
  • These Old Boots(Rob Fowler)


  • Raised on Biscuits(Roy Verdonk & Sebastiaan Holtland)
  • Sunshine 365 (Trevor Thornton & Kelly Cavallaro)
  • God Given(Dan Albro)
  • Call It Out(David Interlicchia)
  • Sippin’ Sunshine (Derek Steele)
  • Roll With It (Marc Mitchell)
  • Long Live the Blues (Larry B & Linda Wood)
  • Every Little Thing(Annette Haslund)