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Burdoc Dancers

Burdoc Dancers are a group of dedicated linedancers that love challenges. We were asked to put a Demo together for the dance “Made You Miss” Choreographed by Michelle Risley to the song by Maddie Poppe “Made You Miss”

We love new songs and new dances so this group put together this demo for the dance. Hope you enjoy and look for more from this growing group of dancers.

Burdoc Dancers dance every Tuesday evening from 6-8pm at Burdoc Farms Weddings & Events in Crofton KY. check out Linedancenews.com and Burdoc Farms online and facebook.


L&L LineDance Connection Announcement


Burdoc Dancers Present Smack Dab by Michael Diven


  1. Carol Heron

    Awesome Job!!!!!

  2. admin

    Hi Nancy, yes currently we only have the one night at Burdoc Farms. The location is 1655 Pleasant Grove Road, Crofton KY 42217. Tuesday evening from 6-8 free of charge, This class is a fast moving improver to intermediate level class.
    We also teach on Thursday evening at Atlas Athletic Club located in Hopkinsville KY. this class is beginner to High Beginne/improver level class.

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