I would not be into Line Dancing or an instructor if not for the Dance Guru of South Florida. This lady is an amazing instructor and mentor. Please when you have the time, continue your story for us all..

We will miss you on the Dance Floor but you will always be in our hearts. See you on the dance floor.. Love ya Larry B

Now a message from the Dance Guru herself, Stella Cabeca.

It is with great sadness that I have had to make the decision to retire from teaching dance. This decision was difficult as I have been struggling with health and undergoing trials and tribulations with medications in managing my issues. 

Unfortunately, I have to live a less physically demanding Life at this time. 

I have worked all my life and was a professional dance teacher for 28 

years. I lived the American dream and enjoyed every moment of my dance career that took me on an incredible journey. I was able to travel and see so many places; I met so many amazing people from all around the world. 

I was one of the first to take country line dance and 2-step to the UK. 

Also one of the first to make dancing on the water a huge success sailing on 40 cruises throughout my career. I was a small part and contributed to the transition to line dancing to all genres of music, broadening the audience and encouraging many more people into the line dance world; making it grow bigger and stronger and hugely popular to all people. 

I have been one of the luckiest people alive to have felt such love and devotion from so many people. To feel that I have made your life better and happier throughout the years. You have given me the greatest gift in life and I can’t thank you enough for that. My life is by no means over; I hope to embark on a new chapter and  for those of you who know me it will not be quiet or boring.

I am flattered that many of you have asked me to continue my story, The story of my life and I am humbled by this. I do enjoy writing so I will hopefully write more in the future.  Also would like to spend more time with my family here and in the UK.

I am reaching out to ask if anyone here in S Florida may be interested in carrying the torch for me and teaching at Pompano Beach and Hollywood. You can contact me if so and I will be glad to help you in every way possible.

This is not goodbye forever just goodbye “Dance Guru” I will see you. I will pop in at dance classes from time to time  wherever you are and even take the class.

Till we meet again on the dance floor I give each and everyone of you my love. you are in my heart forever.  Stella