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The Dances will be listed by name of Dance and Choreographer.

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January/February 2017

Break on me by Helen born music Break On Me Keith urban
A little Love Worth Waiting For by Norman Gifford music A Love Worth Waitng For
DHSS by Gate Teather music Coffee
Until The Dawn by Gary Lafferty music Marvin Gaye
Mr Santa by Frank Trace to music Mr Sandman
Good Times The Video by Jenny Cain to Good Times
Sacred Trust by Craig Cooke to music Sacred Trust
This World Today(is a mess) By Ira Weisburd to This world Today Is A Mess
Shore Thing by Eddie Huffman to Shore Thing

High Beginner
My First Cha Cha by Stella Cabeca to Cake By The Ocean ( beginner dance )
Blue Birds by Kim Ray to Somewhere Over The Rainbow by Jive Ace
Baby Bubbles by Gaye Teather to Love Done Gone
If I wuz U by N. Fitzgerald J Harris to Me Too
Big Blue Tree by Ria Vos to Big Blue Tree
Mikita by K Sala & RB McGowan to Just One Time
Mamita by Ira Weisburd ( beginner )
Little Zou Bisou by Sandra Speck to Zou Bisou Bisou
Escalate by Ira Weisburd to Escapate
Ticket To The Blues by Niels Paulson to One Way Ticket by Eruption
Gypsy Queen by Hazel Pace to music Gypsy Queen
Some Girls Will by Vikki Morris to music Some Girls Will Some Girls Won’t
Never Ever Go Away by Ria Vos to music Baby Don’t Leave Me


Italiano by Rachel Mc Enaney to music Mamma Mia
La Ultimate Noche by Ira Weisburd to music La Ultimate Noche
Tango With Me Darling by Rob Fowler & Daniel Whittaker to music Tango
Oops Baby by Cody Flowers & R Mc Enaney to Oops
Sweet Like Lemonade by N Fitzgerald to Lemonade
Strip It Down By Rachel Mc Enaney to Music Strip It Down
Take Me to The River by Roy Verdonk& J Dahlgren
Find A Way by M Furnell Jo John Kinser
Someday (when we old and gray) by Norman Gifford to music Soneday
Just Dance Dance Dance by Jose Miguel Belloque Vane to music I Can’t Stop This Feeling
Recovering by Guillaume Richard to music recovering
Still Love Me Tommorow by Rachel Mc Enaney
Walk Back To Me by Peter Metelnik to music Where You Gonna Go
True Love Two Step by Jo Thomson Michael Barr to music True Love
Burlesque by Norman Gifford to music Welcome to Burlesque
Blessed by Jackie Miranda to music Blessed
Ain’t Misbehaving by Guyton Mundy to music Misbehavin Panasonic

March April 2017


Break On Me by Helen Born to Keith urban
Until The Dawn by Gary Lafferty to M Gaye
Stings Like AB by A Bigs P Metelnik
Sitting Back Lovin You by Roger Neff
A Little Love Worth Waiting For by Norman Gifford
Mr Santa by Frank Trace Jo Thompson
Pink Shoelaces by Michael Diven
This Old Heart by Elaine Hornagold
Pants On Fire by Lisa Johns Grose
This World Today by Ira Weisburd
Cha cha Espana by Ira Weisburd
My First Ch Cha by Stella Cabeca ( cake by ocean )

High Beginner

Champagne Promise by Tina Argyle
Crazy Foot Mambo by Paul McAdam
Baby Bring It Back by Sue Ann Ehman
Some Girls Will by Vikki Morris
Baby Bubbles by Gaye Teacher
Amarillo by Morning by Ira Weisburd
Drunken Dreams by Fred Whitehouse Niels Paulson
Dans Le Tango by Pat Stott
Blue Birds by Kim Ray
EZ Tango with me Darlin by Juliet Lam
Live And Learn by Tina Argyle
Ticket To The Blues by Niels Paulson
Bosa Nova by Phil Dennington
Dancing by Bob Bonett ( in loving memorie)
If I wiz U by Neville Fitzgerald


Gypsy Queen by Hazel Pace
Hideaway Cha J Brady J Marshall
La Ultima Noche by Ira Weisburd
Clap Clap Clap by Amy Glass
Easy To West 17 by Allison Johnson Simon ward
Solo Amor by Rob Fowler
Tongue Tied Up by Theresa and Vera
Sweet like lemonade by N Fitzgerald J Harris
Someday Maybe by Norman Gifford
True Love Two Step by J Thompson M Barr
Oops Baby by Cody flowers R McEnaney
Ain’t Misbehavin by G Mundy, Amy Glass , J Thompson
Say It Again by Kate Sals
Blessed by Jackie Miranda
Tango With me Darlin by Rob Fowler Daniel Whittaker
Never Ever Go Away by Ria Vos
Just Dance Dance Dance by JM Miguel Belloque Vane , Guillaume Richard
Recovering by Guillaume Richard
Italiano by R McEnaney S McKeever N Poulson
One More Chance by DBailey F Whitehouse

July 2017


Bring On The Good Times  Gary O Reilly & MG
My Lonely Drum.  Aaron Goodwin
Simple Things   Gaye Teather
Unchain   Garth Bock
Champagne Promise.   Tina Argyle
Crazy Foot Mambo.   Paul mcAdam
Some Girls Will.   Vikki Morris
EZ Tango With Me Darlin   Juliet Lam
Olivia’s Boots Rep   Ghzali Meaney
Amarillo By Morning.   Ira Weisburd
A Charlie.   Ira Weisburd
Cha Cha Espana.   Ira Weisburd
Rock The House   Dan Morrison

The Ghost Of You   Roy Verdonk
Amame.   Robbie McGowan Hickie
You’re My Remedy.   Fred Whitehouse
Slowly Gently, Softly.   Gary O Reilly
Run Me Like A River.     Jo Kinser, John Kinser, Guilaume Richard, Roy Verdonk , Jeff Camps
Mojo Rythmn.   Rob Fowler
Not The Only One.   Craig Bennet
The Shape Of You.   Trevor Thornton
Solo Amor.   Rob Fowler
True Love Two Step.   Jo Thomson, M Barr, M Burton
Tongue Tied Up   Theresa Vera Fischer
La Ultima Noche.   Ira Weisburd
Shady.   Darren Bailey
Tango With Me Darlin   Rob Fowler Daniel Whittaker