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Hi  This page is my new communication page, This is where any New updates on class cancellations, cruise updates, or any thing I need to pass on to everyone. So Please check this page regularly along with all our other pages.   Thanks Stella

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Important Announcement

Sorry there will be no class on Thursday May 10, 2018 at Pompano Beach due to city event.

Stella’s Line Dance Classes Cancelled to date 2018
Monday May 28th Memorial DayMany of these dances listed here for April  2018 are for my snowbirds, who have been with me this season and are leaving soon or who have left already. As you requested a more extensive list for you.
It has been a great season and I will miss you all!  Thank you also for visiting instructors who enjoyed my classes and wish to teach some if our favorite dances here when they return home.
I am always honored and flattered when you attend my classes and enjoy them and want to take a little of us home with you. I do not choreograph many dances anymore but I like to feel I choose a good variety of dances with music  that have the most appeal and are the best for each level of my dancers.
Here in Florida as you know I have influx of diverse dancers coming from many different States and Countries, so I try to tap into mainstream popular old and new.
During the summer, we have more home-based group and teach mostly hot new and their requested bring back dances they miss. Thank you for great season and looking forward to seeing you and dancing with you again.  Stella

 videos from cruise thanks Ira