Ms. Stella Cabeca

Hi  This page is my new communication page, This is where any New updates on class cancellations, cruise updates, or any thing I need to pass on to everyone. So Please check this page regularly along with all our other pages.   Thanks Stella

Stella says

Pompano  Beach classes are suspended till April 1 st . Effective immediately.
All classes suspended till further notice effective as of Monday, March 16, 2020.
So sorry we will have no dance classes at this time; I will inform you as soon as I know when we can return. Please take care of yourselves and keep active.  I will try to do live video feed classes if this is going to be a prolonged shut down .







I have been unsure about going to UK for Christmas and New Year but had a lot of issues to consider. Speaking to my family every day for updates regarding weather and the Norovirus. Many of my family members have had the Norovirus this past month and more of them are coming down with it. Today train stations and airports shut down due to severe weather conditions and flooding. 
I am not going to go home due to this situation. Thank you all for your kind and generous gifts, beautiful cards and words from your heart. It never ceases to amaze me the love and respect you give me year after year. 
The heartfelt messages, love and support of everything I do. The appreciation you show me for teaching dance classes which I consider your gift to me.
I wish you all a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday and the best of health for the 2020
May we dance through the next chapter of life together as one big happy family. 
I will miss you till then and look forward to dancing with you again when I return on Monday January 13, 2020
It was brought to my attention that my class vacation schedule may have been confusing, so I will be teaching my last class at Pompano Beach on Thursday December 19, 2019 and will be back to teach on Monday, January 13, 2020
I am taking this long break this year and will miss you all very much. But we will be back better than ever in 2020 and will have a wonderful season to look forward too.

Allure Of The Seas   November 2019

What an amazing cruise this was; we were just one big happy dance family. Smooth sailing all the way picture perfect days and dancing 10 am to 12 noon then 2 pm to 4 pm every day.

So many lovely moments with each and every one of you.  You reached out in many personnel ways throughout the week.  A slow dance with Gary; a huge lobster being served me at dinner special order. 

Halloween jewelry made for everyone in our group. Center pieces placed on our tables at dinner.

The best moments; when you came told me your special memory of past cruises with me or  how much you enjoyed a particular day or dance. How I have been able to bring joy to your lives and make your life better.

My new ladies, first time cruisers, were transformed and will continue to dance when they go home.

The costumes you wore how you got in to the spirit of the holiday was beyond what I could have hoped for.

I had the best meals ever in the main dining room and service was first class . You know I had a huge crush on my waiter as many of you did also, lol. Please send me a picture of him if you can as I do t have any.

Send all your photos please to this web so we can copy and share them. Thank you for making this final dance cruise such a beautiful and memorable trip for me. I will post all the dances now that I taught or reviewed on cruise.  Bon Voyage my friends. may you always think of us whenever you sail in the future 

Photos to    please label subject line Allure Stella..  Thank  you




 videos from cruise thanks Ira