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Hi  This page is my new communication page, This is where any New updates on class cancellations, cruise updates, or any thing I need to pass on to everyone. So Please check this page regularly along with all our other pages.   Thanks Stella

Stella Says:

Important Announcement

Stella’s Line Dance Classes Cancelled to date 2018
Thursday February 1st City Functions
Monday February 19th Presidents Day
Monday February 26th Cruise
Tuesday February 27th Cruise
Thursday March 1st Cruise
Monday May 28th Memorial Day

Well it is getting near to our cruise coming up this February 25, 2018 till March 2, 2018.
Everyone is welcome to attend our One Day Line Dance Social on Friday, February 23, 2018 .  1 pm to 6pm at Pompano Beach. Ira Weisburd, Frank Trace and myself.
Emma Lou Civic Center Auditorium
1801, NE 6th Street, Pompano Beach , Fl 33060
Pay at door day of event $25.00



Past Stella Says:

December 23, 2016

Just wanted to thank you for a wonderful celebration in classes these last few weeks. I have not often worked during the holiday before but am so glad I did this year. You have made me so happy we have had so much fun. Thank you all for the overwhelming kindness and generosity of gifts you have given me.

Honestly, I don’t even sometimes comprehend all that you do for me when I am just so lucky to be a dance teacher. I sit and read all the words in every card that you, that you take the time to think of and to express to me. I wish I could sit with each and everyone of you and tell you how much it means to me.

You have given me my life back at this time and brought me joy once again in my heart. I hope each and everyone of you can find peace, happiness, joy, and love this holiday season. Love always your dance Guru Stella Cabeca


Stella’s Holiday Message 2016
Well my dear friends had been quite a year this year with many trials and tribulations. I have been hospitalized several times this year with blood clots in both lungs and complications from coming off the medication after clot in leg and then going back on medication. Have had to miss many weeks of teaching my dance classes but you have all stood by me and supported me throughout. Your generosity financially and emotionally seems without limits.
No matter what I experienced, your love and constant words of encouragement have given me the strength to keep fighting back. I am getting stronger every day am once again off the Xarelto blood thinners. So after many extensive tests were unable to find underlying cause of clots. Am on aspirin a day and hope it keeps the clots away.
Despite all the health problems I was able to cruise with Ira and Diane and visit friends in The Keys, Boston, Missouri, and Tampa. Had concerns about flying because of blood clots but doctors allowed short trips whilst still taking medicine now am going to stay close to home till we feel more secure about my situation being off the medicine. I feel that I am going to be alright and hope to get completely strong again and hope to be able to fly home to see my family in England next year. It has been so many years since I was home with my family.
So I have goals and a sense of direction moving forward. I love teaching my day classes here locally and will continue to do this for many more years. I’m so happy all my dance family returning here to my classes for the winter. Amazes me how many years you have been coming to me and never miss a beat the entire season you are here in Florida. I will try to make this another great season for you I am teaching throughout all the holidays this year so we can dance at least once a week somewhere. I wish you all a wonderful holiday season; I wish you good health and happiness always. You are in my heart every time I see your smiling faces on my dance floor. Happy New Year 2017!
Love always your
Dance Guru Stella Cabeca.

 videos from cruise thanks Ira