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 Hi  This page is my new communication page, This is where any New updates on class cancellations, cruise updates, or any thing I need to pass on to everyone. So Please check this page regularly along with all our other pages.   Thanks Stella

Stella says

July 12, 2021

It is with great sadness that I have had to make the decision to retire from teaching dance. This decision was difficult as I have been struggling with health and undergoing trials and tribulations with medications in managing my issues. 

Unfortunately, I have to live a less physically demanding Life at this time. I have worked all my life and was a professional dance teacher for 28

years. I lived the American dream and enjoyed every moment of my dance career that took me on an incredible journey. I was able to travel and see so many places; I met so many amazing people from all around the world. 

I was one of the first to take country line dance and 2-step to the UK. 

Also one of the first to make dancing on the water a huge success sailing on 40 cruises throughout my career. I was a small part and contributed to the transition to line dancing to all genres of music, broadening the audience and encouraging many more people into the line dance world; making it grow bigger and stronger and hugely popular to all people.

I have been one of the luckiest people alive to have felt such love and devotion from so many people. To feel that I have made your life better and happier throughout the years. You have given me the greatest gift in life and I can’t thank you enough for that. My life is by no means over; I hope to embark on a new chapter and  for those of you who know me it will not be quiet or boring.

I am flattered that many of you have asked me to continue my story, The story of my life and I am humbled by this. I do enjoy writing so I will hopefully write more in the future.  Also would like to spend more time with my family here and in the UK.

I am reaching out to ask if anyone here in S Florida may be interested in carrying the torch for me and teaching at Pompano Beach and Hollywood. You can contact me if so and I will be glad to help you in every way possible.

This is not goodbye forever just goodbye “Dance Guru” I will see you. I will pop in at dance classes from time to time  wherever you are and even take the class.

Till we meet again on the dance floor I give each and everyone of you my love. you are in my heart forever.  Stella 



May 29, 2021

Please reach out to this young man let’s see if we can help him . So many suicides of young people struggling with acceptance and dealing with bigotry and hate. 

Cards for Chad: Brave teen in Broward learns ‘love is stronger than hate’

May 24, 2021

Hello to my dance family I hope you are all safe snd well at this time snd are slowly but surely returning to more normal life. I, myself am coming back after over a year on lockdown in my tiny bubble. Unfortunately, I am on doctors orders not to return to dance classes for 6 months.I am getting treatment for some health issues and complications of diabetes. Also painful bone Spurs in my feet. I am doing quite well but not consistently enough to be able to commit to regular work schedule.
None of my venues are open for dancing at this time and will be several more months before they are going to consider reinstating our dance programs at this time. I will have to evaluate everything regarding our future dance Classes at a later date.
I am sorry that I can not be there for all of you snd help you back in to our incredible fun dance life at this time.
I love and miss you all and wish you all the best to be safe and healthy at this time . Stella ❤️


April 24, 2021

Please note that I have shut down my FaceBook page. You can still reach me via my web page here at via email at or messenger. Please note I will post updates here as necessary, so bookmark.  Thank you Stella

April 20, 2021

There can never be true justice for George Floyd for the way he died, being murdered in front of our eyes.
His last breath being squeezed out of his  body as he cried out for his mother. 
How that police officer could brutally continue to push down on his neck knowing George was gasping for breath.
A police officer who swore to protect snd serve; instead he chose to kill this man who lay helpless handcuffed and was shown no mercy.
I hope his family can heal in time and I hope that the world can continue to shout loudly BLACK LIVES MATTER.
Not only to speak the words but to show in Life every day by actions to end racism. To open up dialogue and to admit and own up to the fact that  we do not treat everyone equal. That we do not give the same opportunities to blacks; that they are suffering still from oppression and constantly living in fear in this country.
Even as a white Person, I feel traumatized by 4 years of President Chump. The narcissism, his hunger for power and in my opinion, desire to be a Dictator.  How he played on the domestic terrorists hatred, prejudice and racism to stir up an inhuman crazy sense of patriotism, who  then  spewed there craziness on our Capital.
Savages let loose killing and attacking our police and soldiers;  who risked their lives to prevent them entering this sacred building. They then actually threatened  to Kill members of Congress.
Terrifying to me, never have I ever felt such a threat to our Democracy. 
I truly believe thousands of Americans died because Chump created a political climate out of this Pandemic. 
Wearing masks and social distancing was the best protection we had and Chump down played the virus and made it “patriotic” NOT to wear a mask.
More like idiotic, needless to say chump’s idiots ran around spewing and spreading the virus mask free; no social distancing and no regard or respect for others. 
Thank God, we now have President Biden trying to Right  the wrongs of the last 4 years of hell we have suffered at the hands of this nut case. 
With Half of us now vaccinated,  we can finally feel hope and can live a little. President Biden has so many mountains to climb to try to make America as great as it was before the maniac came in to power. 
I used to be a proud American and swore allegiance to the flag and I will always be glad I became an American citizen .
I will keep my promise to be a good American and to defend our freedoms and democracy as long as I live and breath. I have faith in President Biden, I have hope for my fellow  Americans to come together despite our differences; regardless of race, religion, or political differences.
To make this the greatest country in the world.  God Bless America.   Love Stella

April 17, 2021
As I watch the funeral today of Prince Philip; I find myself thinking of all the people who have died of Covid.
Families torn apart, crying, afraid, alone in the hospital.  Loved ones unable to be there to comfort them as they left this life. Then not even to have a dignified funeral to say goodbye to lay there loved  ones to rest. Yes, I shed a tear for the Queen and her family,  after all no matter how old you are when you pass the people, who love you will feel great sadness and miss you.
I am in mourning for all the black people and other minorities, who have suffered years of racism and oppression. Who have died and been beaten and murdered, oppressed and never given the same respect as white people. I grieve for all the police officers, who died trying to protect and serve with good Intentions, and to protect and preserve our democracy. I cry for the soldiers who stood their ground in true patriotism at the steps of our Capital willing to sacrifice their Life’s for our freedoms.
I cry for this country to unite and respect each other’s differences whether is political, religion, or just the right to be and live our true lives. 
RESPECT of all human beings ACCEPTING our differences and EQUALITY for all.
So I cry,  may you Rest In Peace Prince Philip and my dear Queen Elizabeth may you remember him with a smile as you try to go on a little while longer without him by your side.



Pompano  Beach
classes are suspended till April 1 st . Effective immediately.
All classes suspended till further notice effective as of Monday, March 16, 2020.
So sorry we will have no dance classes at this time; I will inform you as soon as I know when we can return. Please take care of yourselves and keep active.  I will try to do live video feed classes if this is going to be a prolonged shut down .


I have been unsure about going to UK for Christmas and New Year but had a lot of issues to consider. Speaking to my family every day for updates regarding weather and the Norovirus. Many of my family members have had the Norovirus this past month and more of them are coming down with it. Today train stations and airports shut down due to severe weather conditions and flooding. 
I am not going to go home due to this situation. Thank you all for your kind and generous gifts, beautiful cards and words from your heart. It never ceases to amaze me the love and respect you give me year after year. 
The heartfelt messages, love and support of everything I do. The appreciation you show me for teaching dance classes which I consider your gift to me.
I wish you all a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday and the best of health for the 2020
May we dance through the next chapter of life together as one big happy family. 
I will miss you till then and look forward to dancing with you again when I return on Monday January 13, 2020
It was brought to my attention that my class vacation schedule may have been confusing, so I will be teaching my last class at Pompano Beach on Thursday December 19, 2019 and will be back to teach on Monday, January 13, 2020
I am taking this long break this year and will miss you all very much. But we will be back better than ever in 2020 and will have a wonderful season to look forward too.

Allure Of The Seas   November 2019

What an amazing cruise this was; we were just one big happy dance family. Smooth sailing all the way picture perfect days and dancing 10 am to 12 noon then 2 pm to 4 pm every day.

So many lovely moments with each and every one of you.  You reached out in many personnel ways throughout the week.  A slow dance with Gary; a huge lobster being served me at dinner special order. 

Halloween jewelry made for everyone in our group. Center pieces placed on our tables at dinner.

The best moments; when you came told me your special memory of past cruises with me or  how much you enjoyed a particular day or dance. How I have been able to bring joy to your lives and make your life better.

My new ladies, first time cruisers, were transformed and will continue to dance when they go home.

The costumes you wore how you got in to the spirit of the holiday was beyond what I could have hoped for.

I had the best meals ever in the main dining room and service was first class . You know I had a huge crush on my waiter as many of you did also, lol. Please send me a picture of him if you can as I do t have any.

Send all your photos please to this web so we can copy and share them. Thank you for making this final dance cruise such a beautiful and memorable trip for me. I will post all the dances now that I taught or reviewed on cruise.  Bon Voyage my friends. may you always think of us whenever you sail in the future 

Photos to    please label subject line Allure Stella..  Thank  you




 videos from cruise thanks Ira