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The Dances will be listed by name of Dance and Choreographer.
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       Jan Feb March 2019

      Newcomer/ Beginner

 Midnight walk by Frank Trace

Crash and Burn by gail Smith

Break On Me by Helen Born

The Majestic by Frank Trace

Mamita by Ira Weisburd

Country Boom Boom by Frank Trace

Texas Time EZ by Michael Jackson

My Ladies Rumba by Wanda Heldt

Bossa Nouveau by Ira Weisburd

Vita Nouva by Ira Weisburd

Cut A Rug by Jo Thomson 

Open Book by Jo Thomson(I get AKick Out Of You) alternative song 

This and That by Gary Lafferty

Birn To Be Great by Conrad Farmham

Years May Come And Go by Linda Nyholm

Short Skirt Wrather by Lisa M Johns Grose

Kiss My Grits by Sandra Ballastracci

High Beginner/Improver

Down The Road Apiece by Frank Trace (B)


Bosa  Nova by Phil Dennington

Cheap Talk by Gaye Teather

Friday At The a Dance by Rob Fowler

Thats How Much I Love You by Daniel Trepat

Thank You by Tina Argyle

Down On Your Uppers by  Gary O ‘Reilly

I Close My Eyes by Hazel Pace(B)

Eyes For You by Jo Thompson

Old School Bop by Sue Ann Ehman

Dont Give Me No Excuses by Conrad Farnham

If I back It Up Now by Ira Weisburd

Lipstick Tango by Michele Burton

Dont mind  If I Do  by Michael Bar

Lento by Ira Weisburd 

All I want by Angels Guix

La Fiesta Cubana by Roy Verdonk

Doing The Walk by Pim Van Grootel

Play That Dax by Suzi Beau


Music To My Eyes by Derek Steele & Simon Ward

Get It Right by Maddison Glover

Diggin by Amy Glass

The Bite by Ria Vos

Amame by Robbie McGowan Hickie

Pull You Through by Maddison Gliver

Beynd Beautiful by Julie Wetzel

Make You Mine by Darren Baily

Jukebox by Jo Thompson 

Celtic Duo by Maggie G and Gary O Relly

Boots by Maddison Glover

Only Girl by Simon Ward

Forget Me Not by Pat Stott

Solo Amor by Rob Fowler

Tongue Tied Up terresa Viera 

Dive Right In by Will Craig

Slowly Gently Softly by Gary O reilly

Blessed by Jackie Miranda

Dream Of You by Terresa Lawrence Vera Fisher

Vanotek Cha by Gary O Relly