line-dance-fitness-classes-392823Clarksville, Tennessee  August 19, 2016

Larry B will be back at Austin Peavy State University Foy Center with a Line Dance Fitness class every Wednesday afternoon 5-5:50 pm.  The Fall Schedule starts Monday August 22!

Tell your friends and family, If someone is not affiliated with the Foy and wants to attend a class, they can buy a guest pass for the day or buy a membership

Join Larry every Wednesday starting August 23, 2016 at the Foy Center, Marion St, Clarksville, TN 37040.  A  class to get you moving and having fun exercising through line dance.  Line Dancing is not just to Country Music, we utilize all music genre.  See you on the dance floor..

Larry B. Richards – Line Dance Instructor, Clarksville, TN

·         Line dance instructor of 16 years
·         Current lead instructor at Murph’s Country Barn, Cedar Hill, TN
·         Line dance experience of over 19 years
·         Apprentice by World Champion line dance instructors/choreographers Jamie            Marshall (TN) and John Robinson (IN)
·         Understudy of 8 years to Stella Cabeca, FL
·         Licensed by BMI/ASCAP and the American Caller’s Association – website, including a blog, dedicated to the dance community to inform the benefits of dancing:  Strengthening bones and muscles, tone your entire body, improve posture and balance, reduce stress and tension, boost memory, improve flexibility, weight loss, increase energy and increase mental capacity.