stella facepart 21

My classes were getting bigger and by now I had gone from my very first gig teaching at Club South Beach to Pure Country to Hillbilly Rock to Normans to Gone Country and full circle to teaching at Davie Junction as full time instructor. The floor was jumping every night and my classes in community centers getting stronger.
During this time I was publishing dances in various publications and eventually got my own monthly page in the Country Weekly, which was a free newspaper all about South Florida country scene. I would post our favorite dance of the month.

I was now teaching dance full time though not making much money was able to make it with George working 2 jobs as he always had, allowing me to live the dream.
I was getting more and more calls to do private events such as birthdays, bar mitzvah, weddings, and corporate functions. Clubs were getting better and bigger line dance crowds, KISS radio coverage including live coverage from Davie Junction and some other events I was asked to attend.

I always remember the first time I heard my name on the radio in the car was exciting, they used to have me on a lot “Stella Cabeca the dance Guru”. I had so much work offered between clubs, community centers, and private events was working 7 days a week. Not only was I publishing the monthly dance page in the country weekly I also was asked to start writing my own personal columns in a couple of publications.

To me this was amazing honor I never thought people would want to read about me and my dance adventures. I was so proud I always tried to share interesting stories with a lot of humor and informative dance and music info.