stella facepart 13

I had the best date ever with George, I talked a lot, he listened a lot, we ate I drank a lot.  George did not drink never drank in his life but he sure got me many doubles. I felt well taken care of, like I had a made a great friend, but not in a romantic way. We went out almost every day after that, he would drive me everywhere back and forth to work and spend many nights sitting with me in the bars on Miami Beach at night after we closed the restaurant.

Even though George did not drink or smoke and I did both, he seemed happy just to be with me. I did not feel this was a serious relationship at that point. I started to date other guy’s and tried to push George away. I did not see a future with him at that time, even though he was in love with me. Just the age difference, the end of his 28 year marriage, the 6 children and grandchildren oh and did I tell you his oldest daughter and I are the same age.

Nevertheless, I had grown to care for him but was dating other guy’s and trying to make a life for myself. George had helped me move out of my friend’s house and get my own apartment before I had stopped seeing him. He had driven me to and from work and just really helped me so much as I had nothing and no one and was so lost.

One day I just was really missing George and reflecting on my life.  Thinking of how this guy loved me unconditionally and that he would never abuse me. I thought of how we talked for hours and I felt totally free to be myself when I was with him. How he handled my craziness and wildness with such a calming kindness and how would I ever find a man like this again. My friend Ross asked me what I wanted most at that time and I told her George. She ran and got him and he was at my door in less than 30 minutes.

He asked me to marry him, I told him, and he was willing to take a chance. I could not guarantee a forever as I was not sure if I was capable of settling down. I did not know if I could make him happy and a million other disclaimers. George assured me that I would learn to love him as he loved me and we would work out.  Anyway he was willing to take the chance.

Of course we were both not divorced yet but we soon were. I called my husband Jim in England. He was very nice and signed papers promptly. George got divorce; giving house, cars, land, everything to his wife and kids.  He also assumed credit card debt for a fast uncontested divorce.

After 28 years of marriage George was divorced for only 2 weeks before we got married on Valentine’s Day 1981. I did tell him he should be single for a while and maybe go sew some wild oats but he wanted to make an honest woman of me; get me a green card and save me from deportation back to UK.