stella face

part 23

My first workshop at an event was Cocoa Beach; they put me in a tiny room very early in the morning. They later had to move me to a bigger room as so many dancers came to my class. I had a blast and was just myself loving teaching as always and having fun with everyone. I was teaching dances that were different and challenging. After that I taught at Sunshine State Festival in the main ballroom had the fun dance of the weekend that JG2 loved and played every hour seemed like.

Next Space Coast event met a pretty little lady I took her class she took mine. I told her she was great and would go far, she told me I was great. George had a crush on her, her name was Jo Thomson. Also met a young lady who wanted to borrow my shirt as she needed one; line up for a parade she was going to be performing in her name was Scooter Lee. I also taught at many other events Orange Blossom Orlando, Tampa Bay Classic Tampa.

When the famous clogging event opened its doors to include line dancers I was proud to be asked to teach there and was a great success. Had developed a strong following by now and people were coming from other states to attend my workshops. I was asked to teach at JG2 home town weekend event which was huge in South Carolina had to teach my own choreography.

Big name instructors were there teaching from all over the world and famous choreographers whose dances I had been teaching over the years. I was excited just to meet them; I taught a Latin dance I choreographed called Bom She Bom. I will never forget my favorite choreographer, whose dances I taught so much came running across the dance floor to tell me he loved my dance and ask for the step sheet. His name was Peter Metelnik I have ARRIVED!!!!