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part 25

I met many young dance teachers and choreographers at these events. I remember one young man in particular. At an event, I was just visiting;I had heard about him but never seen him in person. He walked in the room; people were digging and poking me whispering “that’s Guyton ” all excited and a little crazy.

He was quiet seemed a little sad-faced, sitting looking down at the floor; I was thinking what are they making such a fuss about? Well, I took his workshop and learned some amazing dances and thought wow this guy is going to be big someday.

Another time, I went to an event called Boot Camp right in my neighborhood. It was awesome, I saw local dance team Rockin Renegades perform. It was one of the best performances I had ever seen. The leader and choreographer of this team was a young lady named Jennifer Toolen. Jennifer later danced with me for many years in fact, she used to dance at my classes in Tamarac. She eventually married and became pregnant with her son. I watched that baby growing as she danced through her pregnancy.

She went in to become a well-known instructor, choreographer, winning dance competitions as a solo competitor and with her team. She is the director of several of the biggest line dance events in the USA. Including The Tampa Bay Line dance.

During this time I had many world champion dancers and teachers up and coming singers guest appear at my clubs and my social events. A young man came and asked if I would teach a dance he had choreographed. I said well why don’t you teach it, he said no I like you to teach it so we debuted it that night at my social. I kept looking and asking him am I doing it right, I was nervous. It was a huge hit that night the name of the dance was Booty Shakin and his name Patrick Fleming.

The Dance become one of the biggest dances all over the world and is still being danced today. Another guest at that social was John Robinson already famous dance teacher choreographer and many times over dance champion. He came with another teacher A T Kinson and we debuted their dance that night.

The three of us performed the dance was called “Chilli Cha Cha” became famous all over the world and is a classic legendary dance today. Others that debuted with the artist of the music here locally that be am standard dances to this day were Jeff Moore’s “Fever” and Pete Andrews’ “Buff Little Girls”. Yvonne Anderson debuted “Chocolate ” here with me at Pompano Beach Workshop. We made some groundbreaking music and dances here and changed the concept of “country Line Dancing” opening it up to more genres of music, styles and rhythms of dance in south Florida .