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part 28

After several years of teaching in local CW bars, clubs, community centers and Florida weekend events; I started to be invited to other events out of state. Also CW line dance was starting to take off in the U.K. They were inviting instructors and choreographers from USA to teach at events. They wanted authentic Country dances and with their own choreography.

I had choreographed some dances that had been published and with the help of my friends and business partners “Dancing Boots” we put together a U.K. Tour. We started with just a few bookings with the hope we would get more as we toured.

We had a wonderful experience and I had the pleasure of teaching 2 step in Burnley close to my home town in the North of England. My dances were very well received and after a live radio interview and newspaper splash; I was able to do several more gigs for a successful tour.

Later, I went back and did another 1 month tour independently and it was an amazing trip. My dances “All Night Long ” and “Country As A Boy Can Be ” were hits. George and I went with my friends, Sandy and Larry and Doug and Lynn. The 6 of us toured for a month. WOW!

More to come so stay tune….