In dance, timing is moving with the beats of the music. Perfect timing means more than performing basic steps perfectly with music beats. It’s not difficult to move with the beats, but it takes lots of practice to teach your mind and body how to actually feel the beats of the music.

One trick I have learned is to listen to the music without any distractions.  Listening to the music with a headset/earbuds and closing my eyes. I want to really listen to the beat of the music not lyrics.

Perfect timing is being able to “let go” and allow yourself to express your feelings through your movements, instead of trying to keep count of the beats in your head. Or as most will say to Dance like No one is watching.

When you achieve perfect timing, your dancing will appear relaxed and natural. You will no longer need to count beats, as your body will be fully aware of its place in the music at all times.

Whether you have that perfect timing or not the important thing is to enjoy yourself. Over time your muscle memory will move more toward the timing and synch without you even realizing. Now go get on the dance floor…