As 2017 comes to a close, I was thinking back on the year and the many changes we have been through this year.  Our site was high jacked at the beginning of year. It took several months to get our Domain back under our control.  We were able to savage a good portion of the old site content and expand the Domain to include and

Bookmark us now..,Keep an eye on Larry B’s current and past dance teaches and upcoming events..

Today, we introduce a New Look for our site and we would appreciate any feedback to improve.

The Stella Cabeca Story Then and Now was reposted and Stella has continued to provide us with more insight into her journey as the South Florida Line Dance Guru.  Watch our site in 2018 for more of Stella’s adventures in South Florida and the world.  Plus keep an eye on Stella’s pages here at for her current Dance Class schedule, teaches, workshops and cruises.


This year, We were given the opportunity to start a new Line Dance class at Burdoc Farms. Burdoc Farms is located in the natural scenic beauty of Western Kentucky, just north of Nashville, TN.  If you are looking for a venue for a Wedding, Corporate Function, or any other gathering, you have to check out Burdoc Farms.  Burdoc Farms is located 1655 Pleasant Grove Road, Crofton, Kentucky 42217.

Burdoc Dancers Dance Class is an ongoing line dance class for all levels of experience. We have classes on Tuesday and Thursday evening from 6:30 to 8:30 located at the Keith Glen Building on Burdoc Farms.



Murph’s Country Music Barn is where you will find our other class and dancing opportunity every Saturday evening. Free class from 6:30-7:30.  Open dance from 8:30-9 when the live band takes their first break for the evening.  “What happens at the Barn stay in the Barn…” Murph’s is a family friendly location, where the whole family can enjoy an evening out, have fun on the dance floor and listen to great live music.

Line Dance News has been contracted several times throughout the year for private dance classes and functions.  We are grateful for any and all opportunities to spread the joy of line dancing.

So as we look forward to more dancing opportunities in 2018. We wish all our followers, friends and family a Healthy, Prosperous New Year.

Of course, I could not close this blog entry without mentioning  the New Year is a perfect time to add a dance class to your weekly schedule. The Benefits of dancing:  Strengthening bones and muscles, tone your entire body, improve posture and balance, reduce stress and tension, boost memory, improve flexibility, weight loss, increase energy and increase mental capacity.

PLUS, it is just a lot of fun socializing with a great group of fellow dancers..

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to All.

See y’all on the Dance Floor!  LB