stella face

part 10

I arrived on Miami Beach at the address on Harding Avenue at around 9 PM. I knocked on the door but no one was there, what could I do? I did not know anyone or anywhere else to go.  So I had the taxi take me to the Carrolton Hotel, which I knew was close by and wait in the lobby where I would be safe, till I could decide what to do.

 I was exhausted and scared as I walked in through the hotel entrance but tried to look and act like a tourist who was waiting for someone before booking in. I sat in the lobby for what seemed like an eternity, probably about an hour, with only about $30.00 left in my pocket.  I started to walk from the hotel back to the apartment. I knocked on the door still no answer I banged very hard as I became more desperate by the second and suddenly a light came on and the door opened.

He was friendly and welcoming and said he worked shifts as a waiter. He had just got home and gone to bed. He knew I was coming but no idea when I would arrive. I apologized for disturbing him. The flat was sparsely furnished he and roommate worked split shifts sharing apartment. He threw me a pillow and blanket said I could sleep on couch no problem. I lay on the couch fully clothed and stared at the ceiling all night.  In the morning the guys showered dressed and got read for their waiter jobs. I was told to make myself at home, they were not home much. They ate at work and often worked nights and split shifts so just I come and go as I please.

I showered looked for food in kitchen but there was nothing except some dry pasta, crackers, some beer and sour milk. No phone so I went to the pay phone and wandered up and down Colins Ave for a few blocks checking out the neighborhood shops and restaurants.  This went on for 3 days, on the 3rd day I got through to Art’s sister on the pay phone.  She told me Art had passed away at 3am she was so sorry and hung up. I stood holding the phone for a long time listening to the dial tone I could not believe this, was she telling me the truth was he really dead???

I have never felt so alone and so lost what now?? I had no money had hardly eaten in days not slept and the heat was suffocating me. I felt very ill. I called my brother reverse charges begged him to wire me some money a.s.a.p. He said he would.  After I told the guys at the apartment what had happened they were sympathetic, but did not want me to stay long if I could not contribute towards rent and electricity.  I said I had money coming soon.

I have not mentioned the names of these guy’s because the next few day’s I was subject to harassment and threat of being put out of the apartment if I did not give in to their demands. It was at this point that my first angel came along and rescued me.