stella face

part 9

So we went to Disney world, we were typical British tourists walking, dehydrated, sun burned lobsters, dying from heat exhaustion on our quest to see Mickey mouse and the Magic Kingdom at any cost. Then we were unceremoniously thrown back on the bus and driven back to our hotel on Miami Beach. Where we had to get ready to pack and return to Jolly Old.  I did not want to go back, I decided in that moment, I could not leave this Paradise and return to England to my miserable life to the home I no longer shared with my husband.  I did not want to return to the depressing job, to my family’s endless craziness and to taking care of everyone.

My Mum threw a fit she was not getting on the plane without me. She could not fly home alone, she was terrified of the flight and anyway I had no money, no job, no papers, nowhere to live.  Was I crazy I had to go back?

When we arrived at Miami Airport, my mum went to the bar saying she needed a drink to get the courage up for the flight. Well when we finally got on the plane which was full and a very tight squeeze getting to our seat, she threw a wobbler, as we call it, and started to have a panic attack saying she could not breathe and was claustrophobic.  It took 4 stewards and passengers to calm her down and get her in her seat. Then they actually gave her whiskey before take-off to keep her in her seat.

Finally we did make it back to Manchester and then on to Blackpool, where it was freezing cold, raining and miserable the day we arrived. I could not believe how dark everything seemed; how very cold, dark and miserable it all was, I cried myself to sleep that night and vowed I would come back to Florida one day soon very soon.

more to come…