stella face

part 8

So we walked in to the Forge restaurant and it was lovely inside.  We were ushered to our table and my Mum ordered drinks. She started drinking and I was very nervous as she would behave badly when drinking and this was such a classy restaurant. I was afraid she would end up embarrassing us both or we might be escorted out. Needless to say, we did have a wonderful dinner till all of a sudden my mum got up to go the lady’s room.  She was gone for a long time and I started to think she was maybe at the bar. I was about to go get her when she came towards me almost dragging a gentlemen by the arm and talking very loud.  Everyone heard her saying she wanted him to meet her friend, meaning me (whom she never introduced as her daughter). He was a tall distinguished looking gentlemen nicely dressed and he looked to be somewhere in his late 40s.

I assumed mum was trying to pick him up for herself, so I put on a brave face and tried help rescue him from her clutches. I shook his hand as he introduced himself as Art.  I noticed he had lovely kind eyes and I felt sorry for his being dragged over to our table like this.  Apparently, she had spoken to him on her way to the powder room and told him a story of our coming on holiday. She also told some stuff about me and she wanted to introduce him to me. OH My God, I did not know what to say or where to look.  So we sat together and he ordered more wine and we talked and talked and talked.

We left the restaurant and ended up at Sambo’s on Miami Beach close to our hotel for breakfast at 5 am. Art was flying back to New York later that day and mum and I were on a bus trip to Disney world. We had actually really enjoyed our time together and had hit it off big time.

I could see Art was interested in me but figured we would probably never see each other again though we exchanged information and promised to call and write each other. My mum was thrilled with herself for bringing him over to me and I must say that it had turned out a lot better than I thought. I really liked him and hoped we would stay in touch.