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Part 16

The following week I drove myself nervously to club Elvis for the line dance lesson. I was terrible, did not understand when they said to do a vine or jazz box and kick ball change. Even though I tried my best to follow along I felt like an idiot, but I loved every crazy minute of it. I went again the following week and several times when one night a lovely lady came over to me and suggested I go to a place called Davie Junction on Sunday afternoon for family day beginner classes. Her name was Marilyn she was an older lady dressed in pretty skirt and cowboy boots and hat, very well dressed a real southern lady.

I went to Davie Junction the following Sunday afternoon was a real Country Bar, nice wooden floor with bar and stools to sit all around the dance floor, big stage at the front of dance floor. Also had a train track between bottom floor and upper level with a train that travelled round the entire room. There was another bar in the back away from the dance area that seemed to be full of locals and real American Country folk. I loved it even though I felt like a fish out of water I stepped on the dance floor for the lesson trying to hide in the back.  There was a big crowd on the floor so was easy to hide.

I hoped no one would see all the mistakes I made. I learned 2 dances one was called Redneck girl and Cowboy Boogie. This was the greatest feeling to be able to go out on the floor and dance even when the live bands came on I waited all night for the 2 songs I knew so I could dance.

I was hooked on Country Line dancing from that moment on. I went to Davie junction 5 times a week with my husband on weekends and alone during the week. I learned every dance I could in classes and then went home and practiced for hours till I had them memorized. My husband did not ever dance at this time but came with me every weekend sitting bored to tears all night while I danced. George did not drink ever so you can imagine but he was happy for me.

Till Next installment… Keep Dancing.. Stella