stella face

part 17

My life was changed when I started Line dancing. I was addicted to dancing every night and learning all the new dances. As I became a better dancer, I found other dancers started watching me and following me on the floor especially when the danced turned from the front wall to the back where they could no longer follow the teacher. As the dance progressed I found myself giving directions and calling the steps to help dancers who could not see the instructor.

One day the dance floor was packed and we turned to back wall and my teacher Dave said watch Stella on the back wall. I felt a volt of electricity go through me in that moment it was an adrenaline rush. My name was said over the microphone and he felt that I was good enough to lead the floor. This was a feeling I had never felt before. I was on cloud nine and calling the counts me, the British klutz, who couldn’t do a vine was now a leader on the dance floor at Davie Junction— Hip Hip Hooray.

One day, Dave and Bonnie asked me if I could teach at Davie Junction for them while they were on vacation I was Gob Smacked (as we say in England) and scared and thrilled. I could not believe they thought I was good enough to teach especially at The Davie Junction, which back then was the hottest Country Club in town filled with dancers live bands; live Kiss radio broadcasts and associated with one of the biggest rodeo’s in the country which was 5 minutes away.

So this was a huge deal, my first teaching experience in such a well-known place could I do it. I had never taught anything in my life in a public forum; never talked on a microphone, how do I call the steps, count the steps, talk and dance at the same time?????, what if I make a fool of myself ?????What if they don’t learn the dances???????????????? What if they can’t understand my British accent?????????? OMGooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood

The day arrived it was Sunday afternoon family day packed house. I had figured out the dances I would teach; had the music ready. I practiced all week at home on my husband for hours and hours he was in a line dance induced coma. I got on the stage the cordless microphone did not work so I had a short chord hand held microphone. I could not stand on the stage and hold the microphone now what. I asked my friend Sandy Koepke to please help me so she did the steps as I called it on the microphone from the DJ booth. She was a great dancer and remembered every step of every dance so we made it through thanks to her. Thanks Sandy, I love you.

That following week was one of the best in my entire life every time I stood on that stage and taught I had the greatest feeling ever. The dancers seemed to really enjoy the classes and they LEARNED the dances. There was a feeling of joy and elation on the dance floor that I had never experienced before.

We were on fire and people were saying the most wonderful things how they felt so great that they learned the dances that I was a good teacher, that they enjoyed the classes. I could not believe little ole me could do this. I did not ever want it to end and was dreading my dear and wonderful friends my teachers returning form their trip.