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Month: August 2016

The Jamie Marshall and Junior Willis Birthday Blast!

NashPalNeonLogo August 26, 2016

If you are looking for a great weekend of dancing and exploring Nashville TN; then you have to be at the Birthday Blast. Jamie Marshall and Junior Willis, two of Tennessee’s World Renown Choreographers put on a great day of Line Dancing. Check out Jamie’s message and click/print the Flyer for the event at bottom. Great time is always guaranteed when these two great instructors are together in one location.

The Nashville Palace confirmed November 19th for the 2016 Birthday Blast. They decided to move their 40th Anniversary Celebration to December! So we are on for the original date! I’m so happy because we had several dancers who were going to be unable to join us in addition to a couple that had purchased airline tickets and Opry tickets. So, we are good…please call the hotel back if you called them yesterday and change your room back to the original weekend!

Please call me at 615-207-5207 if you need anything. I’m so sorry for all this hassle. I don’t know how businesses can operate like this, but the Palace gives us such a great opportunity to work with them and it’s the BEST DANCE FLOOR IN NASHVILLE!
Thank you, thank you, thank you for your support and we promise a great day!

2016 BB Confirmed 11.19.16 Flyer

The Stella Cabeca Story Then and Now #19

stella face

part 19

Many songs and new local artist appeared at our club we debuted and hosted the song Fever with Jeff More. I taught the dance that night and did it to his live performance. That dance and song are still done in the clubs today.

Also guest singer of Buff Little Girls, Pete Andrews came to sing his hit song and we debut line dance to his song, which is also still being done in the clubs today. Pure Country was the beginning of many dances and music that we played there that became long lasting hits. Another example was a song called Swamp Thing, anyone who line dances today will know of this song and do a dance to it. I taught the dance by Max Perry and played a song Old Weakness a Country Cha song but did not have the song Swamp Thing which I found out was Techno music by a band called Grid from Germany. So I asked my brother Charles in England who is a music fanatic to get it for me which he did. When it arrived in my mail box I was so excited and could not wait to do the dance that night at the club to this song. But when I got to the club they refused to play it because they said it was not Country and back in those days the Country bars would only play Country music.

Line Dance Fitness Returns to Austin Peay State University

line-dance-fitness-classes-392823Clarksville, Tennessee  August 19, 2016

Larry B will be back at Austin Peavy State University Foy Center with a Line Dance Fitness class every Wednesday afternoon 5-5:50 pm.  The Fall Schedule starts Monday August 22!

Tell your friends and family, If someone is not affiliated with the Foy and wants to attend a class, they can buy a guest pass for the day or buy a membership http://www.apsu.edu/recreation/patrons/info

Join Larry every Wednesday starting August 23, 2016 at the Foy Center, Marion St, Clarksville, TN 37040.  A  class to get you moving and having fun exercising through line dance.  Line Dancing is not just to Country Music, we utilize all music genre.  See you on the dance floor..

Larry B. Richards – Line Dance Instructor, Clarksville, TN

·         Line dance instructor of 16 years
·         Current lead instructor at Murph’s Country Barn, Cedar Hill, TN
·         Line dance experience of over 19 years
·         Apprentice by World Champion line dance instructors/choreographers Jamie            Marshall (TN) and John Robinson (IN)
·         Understudy of 8 years to Stella Cabeca, FL
·         Licensed by BMI/ASCAP and the American Caller’s Association

LineDanceNews.com – website, including a blog, dedicated to the dance community to inform the benefits of dancing:  Strengthening bones and muscles, tone your entire body, improve posture and balance, reduce stress and tension, boost memory, improve flexibility, weight loss, increase energy and increase mental capacity.


The Stella Cabeca Story Then and Now part 18

stella face

part 18

When Dave and Bonnie returned they asked how it went and I told them I think I did OK.  I loved every minute of it I was happy to see them and continued dancing and learning from them. Shortly after this my husband and I started to learn couples dances from Connie Carol, who was the couples dance instructor for many years at Davie Junction primarily. She was a fantastic dancer and teacher and kind of intimidating. George decided to start taking 2 step lessons though he had never danced a step in his life. I am sure it was because I started dancing with some of the local cowboy’s at Davie.

He was scared of Connie at first but she took to George and helped him a lot during the lessons.  They seemed to connect and before long to everyone’s surprise became one of the best students. He could remember and lead all the sequences and was smooth on the floor. Before long he became one of the most popular cowboy’s with the ladies who lined up to dance with him all the time. He would wear his Stetson boots and shiny belt buckle and just charm the ladies on the dance floor. I was so proud of him and loved dancing with him, which sometimes meant I had to wait for my turn too.

I loved 2 step and then did some East Coast Swing, Cha Cha and Waltz in couples classes with Connie. I became a substitute teacher for Connie teaching couples classes when she could not be there and George would work with me showing the guy’s there lead, we formed a friendship with Connie that we have had ever since almost 20 years now. I Love You Connie

The Stella Cabeca Story Then and Now part 17

stella face

part 17

My life was changed when I started Line dancing. I was addicted to dancing every night and learning all the new dances. As I became a better dancer, I found other dancers started watching me and following me on the floor especially when the danced turned from the front wall to the back where they could no longer follow the teacher. As the dance progressed I found myself giving directions and calling the steps to help dancers who could not see the instructor.

One day the dance floor was packed and we turned to back wall and my teacher Dave said watch Stella on the back wall. I felt a volt of electricity go through me in that moment it was an adrenaline rush. My name was said over the microphone and he felt that I was good enough to lead the floor. This was a feeling I had never felt before. I was on cloud nine and calling the counts me, the British klutz, who couldn’t do a vine was now a leader on the dance floor at Davie Junction— Hip Hip Hooray.

One day, Dave and Bonnie asked me if I could teach at Davie Junction for them while they were on vacation I was Gob Smacked (as we say in England) and scared and thrilled. I could not believe they thought I was good enough to teach especially at The Davie Junction, which back then was the hottest Country Club in town filled with dancers live bands; live Kiss radio broadcasts and associated with one of the biggest rodeo’s in the country which was 5 minutes away.

So this was a huge deal, my first teaching experience in such a well-known place could I do it. I had never taught anything in my life in a public forum; never talked on a microphone, how do I call the steps, count the steps, talk and dance at the same time?????, what if I make a fool of myself ?????What if they don’t learn the dances???????????????? What if they can’t understand my British accent?????????? OMGooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood

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