Welcome to our Dance List Page. Here you will find the list of dances being taught in our classes. Combined list for Burdoc Dancers, L&L LineDance Connection and Murph’s Country Music Barn

Dances are listed by Name of Dance followed by Choreographer(s)

Step Sheets can be located at  http://www.copperknob.co.uk/default.aspx http://kickit.to/ld/Search.html VineRight – Step sheets and videos


  • Ocean to Ocean (David Hoyn, Sobrielo Philip Gene, Grace David, Rebecca Lee)
  • Time to Go Go! (Scott Blevins)
  • Homesick Heart (Maddison Glover)
  • BarnYard Boogie (Lisa Bodnar/Crew Country Line Dancing)
  • Cooler Than Cool(Niels Poulsen)


  • Good As You (Michele Burton & Michael Barr
  • The Down & Out Blues (Val Saari)
  • Stop Breakin’ Down Blues(Val Saari)
  • Roll With It(Marc Mitchell)

March through August

  • My Money (Trevor Thrnton)
  • Fire (Shirley Bang, Bill Baron,Penny Tan)
  • Faith,Hope and Love LDF (Fred Whitehouse,Darren Bailey, Jose’Miguel Belloque Vane
  • We are Tonight (Dan Albro)
  • Dancing in a Ghost Town(Karen Kempton, Debie Robbins)
  • Dare to Love (Gary O’Reilly, Maggie Gallagher)
  • First Shot’s On Me(Rob Holley, Grace David)
  • Tick Tock Tick (Bruce Orvis)
  • Weekend Ruined (Rob Holley)
  • Fake ID(2011 “Footloose” Movie)(Jamal Sims, Dondraico Johnson)
  • Color(Roy Verdonk, Christopher Gonzalez, Nadja van den Eeden)
  • Chasing Down a Good Time(Dan Albro)
  • Gaslighter(Vivienne Scott, Fred Buckley)
  • Feelin’ No Pain(Laura Kampschroeder)


  • Luke’s Lovin'(Heather Barton, Andrew Hayes)
  • After a Few(Dan Albro)
  • Country Boy Lovin'(Maggie Glover)


  • One Too Many (Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris)
  • Just Keep Falling (Darren Bailey)
  • Keep on Walkin’ (Lu Olsen)
  • Bird Dog (Kevin Richards)
  • Angel & Corona(Darren Bailey, Kate Sala, Guylaine Bourdages, Roy Verdonk)


  • Moses, Roses & Toeses (Amy Glass)
  • My American Heartbreaker (Rob Holley)
  • Gotta Good Feeling (Rosie & Bruno Multari)
  • Little Short on Dreams (Pat Newell)
  • Broke (Michelle Wright)