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The Dances will be listed by name of Dance and Choreographer.
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The Majestic, frank Trace
Break On Me, Helen Born
Sacred Trust, Craig Cooke
My Ladies Rhumba, Wanda heldt
Babylon, Fred Whitehouse
EZ feel It, Corinne Dely
Untill The Dawn, Gary Laferty
Colours Of The Wind, Mary Chan
Blue Note, Jan Smith
Dans Le Tango, Oat Stott
Piano Man, R McGowan H
Lonely Drum, Darren Mitchell
Eyes For You, Jo Thomson Szmansku
Nimbus, Mary Kelly
Ticket To The Blues, Niels Poulsen
Baby Bubbles, Gaye Teather
Senorita T, Ira Weisburd
Hey, Ira Weisburd
Hurry Love, Frank Trace
Come To Papa, Ria Vos
Blue Birds, Kim Ray
1159, Rachael McEnaney
Simple Things, Gaye Teather
Champaghne Promise, Tina Argyle


(Feel The ) Thunder, Linn Trehag
Say It Again, Kate Sala
Run Me Like A River, Jo Kinser
East To West 1, Alluson Johnstone
Gypsy Queen, Hazel Pace
Feel It Still, Will Bos
Sultry, Rob Fowler
Take Me To The River, Roy Verdonk
Rock The House, Dan Morrison
Tongue Tied Up, Teresa Vera Fischer
Think Im Sexy, Rachel NcEnaney
Slowly Gently Softly, Gary O Reilly
Solo Amor, Rob Fowler
La Ultima Noche, Ira Weisburd
Havana Ooh Na Na, Julie Wetzel
All I Want Angels, H Guix
The Story Of My Life, Craig Bennett
Budapest, James Himsworth

February  March April 2018
Newcomer/ Beginner

The Beguine        Angels H Guix
My Ladies Rhumba        Wanda Heldt
Cowboy Boogie              Kelly Burkhardt
Rockin The Wagon Wheel   Jamie Marshall
DHSS (coffee)               Gaye Teather
Midnight Walk               Frank Trace
Moving Hips                  Frank Trace
Shore Thing                   Eddie Hyffman
Summer Celebration      Ira Weisburd
Mamita                          Ira Weisburd
Until The Dawn              Gary Lafferty
My First Cha Cha           Stella Cabeca ( cake by Ocean)
Open Book                    Jo Thompson  ( I Get Kick Out Of You ) alternative music
Hey Senorita                  Frank Trace
Blue Ain’t Your Color      Brenda Burroughs
Boston Strong               Mimi Leary
Peppy Toe                      Jan Wyllie
Boom Boom Bang          Jamie Barnfield

High Beginner

Untill The Dawn             Gary Lafferty
Summer Sway                Cody Flowers
Champaghne Promise    Tina Argyle
Aint She Amazing          Suzanne Wilson
Bosa Nova                    Phill Dennington
Down In The Islands     Gail Smith
All I Want                     Angels H Guix
For Once In My Life       Vikki Morris
Dance Her Home            Rob Fowler
Eyes For You                 Jo Thompson Szymanski
Early In The Morning      Daisy Simons
Edelweiss                      Stella Cabeca
Lonely Drum                 Darren Mitchell
Cha Cha Espana            Ira Weisburd
Hey                               Ira Weisburd
Lipstick Tango               Michelle Burton
Wave On Wave             Alan Birchall
1159                              Rachel McEnaney
Hidalgo Boogie              Ira Weisburd
Break Away                   Max Perry
Senorita Tu                   Ira Weisburd
Blue Birds                     Kim Ray
Despacito Rosa Mai,      Francisco Pons
Story                            Maddison Glover
Simple Things                Gaye Teather


Pull You Through           Maddison Glover
Trust Me                       Gerri Morrison
Female              Ria Vos
Dive right in                  Will Craig
Forget Me Not               Oat Stott
Beautiful Goodbye         Michael Barr
Say It Again                  Kate Sala
Call The Doc                  Tim Johnson
My Baby Now                Vicky St Pierre
Havana Ooh Na Na         Julie Wetzel
Solo Amor                     Rob Fowler
Chill Factor                    Daniel Whittaker Hayley West
Tongue Tied Up            Teresa Viera Fischer
The Story Of My Life       Craig Bennett
East To West 17            Alison Johnstone
East To West                  Larry Hayden
Feel It Still                    Wil Bos
Slowly Gently Softly       Gary O Reily
The Ghost Of You.         Roy Verdonk
Walk Back To Me           Peter Metelnik
Think I’m Sexy              Rachel McEnaney

Hot new and classic oldies for June July August 2018


Vita Nuova (New Life) Ira Weisburd
Wave In Wave Alan Birchall
Mamma Mia Why Me Lee Hamilton
Boom Boom Bang Jamie Barnfield
Little Love Worth Waiting For Norman Gifford
Midnight Walk Frank Trace
Hey Senorita AB Suzie Beau
Sugar Sugar Doug Miranda
Do Wop Be Doo Be Doo Gaye Teather
Mamita Ira Weisburd
Cha Cha Espana. Ira Weisburd
My lonely Drum Phyllis Manie
Lipstick Tango Michelle Burton
Wonderland Waltz Rob Fowler
Dirty Raymond Sarjlemij
Move To Miami Amy Christian
Eyes For You Jo Thmpson Szymanski
Imeldas Way Adam Chum
Dont Give Me No Excuses Conrad Farnham ( HOT NEW Favorite)
Heartache On The Dance Floor Stephen Pistola
Country Boom Boom Frank Trace
Champagne Promise Tina Argyle

Hot new and classic oldies Intermediate dances June July August

Celtic Duo Maggie G and Gary O Reilly
Forget Me Not Pat Stott
Hasta Luego Debbie Rushton
Feel It Still Will Bos
Pull You Though Maddison Glover
Vanotek Cha Gary O Reilly
Dive Right In Will Craig
Havana Ooh Na Na Julie Wetzel
The Ghost Of You Roy Verfonk
Slowly Gently Softly Gary O Reilly
Boots Maddison Glover
Aint Misbehavin Guyton Mudy Jo Thompson Amy Glass
Doing The Walk Pim Van Grootel
Footprints On the Water Jaonne Brady Jill Babinec

Oldies But Goodies requested

Shoop Daniel Trepat,Darren Bailey, Pim Van Grootel, Raymond
Sanejmin, Rot Verdonk,
Cry To Me Paul Mc Adam
Runaround Sue Rachel McEnaney
Sultry Rob Fowler
Mojo Rythmn Rob Fowler
Telepethy Chris Hodgson
Say It Again Kate Sala
Tongue Tied Up Terresa Vera
Have Fun Go Mad Scott Blevins
Rock The House Kat Deluna
Hideway Cha   Joanne Brady, Jamie Marshal, Jo Thomson
True Love Two Step   Jo Thomson, Michael Barr, Michelle Burton
Walk Back To Me PeterMetelnik
East To West Larry Hayden
Be My Baby Now Vicky St Pierre and Rachel McEnaney
Solo Amor Rob Fowler


Novice / Beginner 

All dances below choreography by
Frank Trace:
Country Boom Boom
Midnight Walk
The Majestic
Mr Santa
Alright Girl
Down The Road Apiece
Little Charleston

Choreographer Ira Weisburd :
Vita Nuova (New Life)

Love Dont Live Here by Conrad Farnham
Kiss My Grits by Sandra Ballastracci
Three For The Road by Sandra Ballastracci
Hey Senorita AB by Suzu Beau
My Ladies Rumba by Wanda Heldt
Sangria Sun by Tina Argyle
We Are Family by Jo Thompson


By Ira Weisburd :
Senorita Tu
Cha Cha Espana

Dont Give Me No Excuses by Conrad Farnham
Drowns The Whiskey by Annie saerens

Girl WithFishing Rod by Christina Yang

Million Dollar House by Jose Miguel
Vane, and Roy Verdonk

Get It Right by Maddison Glover
Love Flow by Niels Poulson
Wonderland Waltz by Rob Fowler
Summertime Strolling by Kathy Brown
I close My Eyes by Hazel Pace
Eyes For You Jo Thompson Szymanski
Cry To Me by Paul McAdam
Lipstick Tango by. Michele Burton
Telepathy by. Chris Hodgson
Lonely Drum by Darren Mitchell
Runaround Sue by Rachael McEnaney


Beyond Beautuful by Julie Wetzel
Vanotek Cha by Gary O Reilly
Caught In The Act by Ann Wood
Doing The Walk by Pim Van Grootel
The Bite by Ria Vos
Boots by Maddison Glover
Forget Me Not by Pat Stott
Aint Misbehaving by Guyton Mundy Jo Thompson , Amy Glass
Trust Me by Gerri Morrison
Jukebox by Michael Martin Murphy
Celtic Dou by Maggie G , Gary O Reilly
Pull You Through by Maddison Glover
Solo Amor by  Rob Fowler
Sultry by Rob Fowler
Havana Ooh Na Na by Julie Wetzel
Tongue Tied Up by Teresa abd Vera
Say It Again by  Kate Sala
Dive Right In by Will Craig
Slowly Gently Softly by Gart O’Reilly
Blessed by Elton John
East To West
These are most requested dances that are still requested each week in classes . I dont teach many new ones towards holidays at end of year , before we break till new year.
We just have fun and review , bring back some of  favorite golden oldies. Last week we did “Dream Of You .”
Is nice to relax and dance up to holiday season and come back start new dances in  New Year.