Welcome to my Dance list page, here you will find the list of dances I am currently teaching or have taught in my classes.

Please come back often to check up on current list.
The Dances will be listed by name of Dance and Choreographer.
For Dance Step sheets please go to
http://kickit.to/ld/Search.html or http://www.copperknob.co.uk/default.aspx

January-February 2020


Holding hands Together by Jose Miguel Belloque Vane and Allison Johnston
Little Charleston by Frank Trace
Georgia Peach by Pat Meikle
(Second alternative song) Bahama Mama
I knew the Bride by Maria Grafford
Ella Es De las Mia’s by Angels H Guix chalky & Enric Nonell
It’s Time To Swing by John Robinson and Jo Thompson
I Ain’t Never by Michael Barr, Michelle Burton and Jo Thompson

High Beginner to Intermediate

The Newfie Stomp By Mike Hitchen
Crystal Touch by Claire Bell and Maddison Glover
Dance Monkey by Alison Johnstone
Goodbye For Now by Jose Miguel Belloque Vane
Soul Shake by Fred Whitehouse
Nothing But You by Darren Bailey
Stomp Down by Jose Miguel Belloque Vane & Sebastian Hotland
Good As You by Michelle Burton & Michael Barr
Come South Of The Border by Megan Barsuglia
Faithful Soul by Gary O Reilly & Maggie G
Starlight by Kate Sala &Robbie McGowan Hickie