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Month: September 2016

Stella Cabeca Story Then and Now part 21

stella facepart 21

My classes were getting bigger and by now I had gone from my very first gig teaching at Club South Beach to Pure Country to Hillbilly Rock to Normans to Gone Country and full circle to teaching at Davie Junction as full time instructor. The floor was jumping every night and my classes in community centers getting stronger.
During this time I was publishing dances in various publications and eventually got my own monthly page in the Country Weekly, which was a free newspaper all about South Florida country scene. I would post our favorite dance of the month.

I was now teaching dance full time though not making much money was able to make it with George working 2 jobs as he always had, allowing me to live the dream.
I was getting more and more calls to do private events such as birthdays, bar mitzvah, weddings, and corporate functions. Clubs were getting better and bigger line dance crowds, KISS radio coverage including live coverage from Davie Junction and some other events I was asked to attend.

Stella Cabeca Story Then and Now part 20


stella face

part 20

Whilst still teaching in the Country & Western clubs and bars, I started classes in my local city community centers in Miami Shores and North Miami Beach. It was not easy as I had to get licensing insurance and go under contract, with city as an independent contractor. I got license and insurance through American Callers and am still with them all these years later. I had to carry a million dollar umbrella insurance, and licensed to play music in public forum through B.M.I. and ASCAP. Also later on I had to additionally insure each city separately and then I would receive the fee for each student less percentage for the city that was 20% back then now it is 30%. If nobody came to class I made no money but still had to pay for insurance, licensing, advertising, etc.
When I first started had maybe 3 to 10 students, all of whom were my friends. I worked for a long time at a financial loss but eventually started to build it up and develop a solid class at each level. Being in the high profile clubs helped a lot to as I had a strong following at that time and they started to cross over from the clubs to my classes. They realized they could learn more in class and then do more dances at the Country & Western venues.
Through working at Davie junction with live bands every night, I was booked to do private gigs with the bands. This was a great partnership as I could teach the people attending the functions some fun easy dances to the music the band would play during the night.
More of the Stella Cabeca story to follow..
Thank you for following my story as it unfolds.
Love Stella

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