By Joshua Safee  

Line dancing is a type of dance where you don’t have a partner so you can be at an event alone and still take part in it. The name comes from the fact that there will be several lines of people for the dance. Then they are going to complete a variety of moves to the music. Generally there are only a handful of moves for any given line dance. They simply repeat themselves over and over again.

You do want to know the basic moves with any line dance though. With people all moving in the same direction, you don’t want to be going the wrong way. The risk of being hit from someone else increases if you do. The steps involved with a line dance are very basic though so if you are worried about your dancing skills, don’t be.

Not only is line dancing fun for people of all ages, but it is a great way to get some exercise. Most of us cringe at the thought of working out, but this is a great way to be able to do it and want to take part in it. Today more and more community centers are offering line dancing classes for the entire family. You will also find many dance studios offer them as well.

Sometimes the classes are broken up by skill level. That way beginners get the one on one attention that they need. As you do well with the line dancing you can move up into more advanced classes. If you already know the basics but would like to learn more, find out if you would be accepted into an advanced line dancing class based on what you already know.

With line dancing, you will find it is really a fun way to get out there on the dance floor with others. Even if you haven’t done it for a while, watching the moves early in the song will remind you of what you need to do. Then you can join right in and have a great time. There are new songs and new line dances being introduced all the time.

Many clubs offer free line dancing lessons in the evenings. This is the perfect opportunity for you to master the movements. That way when the crowd shows up for the night you will be very confident in your abilities to get out there and move along with them. Line dancing is fun for people of all ages. With some community dances you will find the very young up to the very old taking part in this type of dancing.

Some people go to clubs alone, but don’t like the idea of dancing with people they don’t know one on one. With line dancing though you can get out there on the floor with a group of other individuals. It is fun and there isn’t any stress about getting to know someone while you are dancing with them.

Line dancing is for girls as well as for guys. Some guys aren’t confident about their dancing to ask a girl to dance with them. Yet through line dancing they can still dance and get to know some great people on the dance floor at the same time. Even though there are structured moves, you can still be creative and have some personal freedom as you take part in it.

If you love music then why not add dancing to it? You don’t need to have the best rhythm or be perfect on the dance floor to enjoy line dancing. The goal is to get out there, meet new people, and to really have a great time.

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